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Although Geocaching has nothing to do with MSTB Consulting, LLC., the owner has made it a company hobby and encourages everyone to get involved.

Geocaching, is a global treasure hunting game where the participants use GPS receivers to locate hidden objects known as caches.  Many are located in beautiful scenic and historical sites.  Searching for caches, gives you the opportunity to see and learn about these areas.

Further, many participants practice a "Cache in, Trash out" approach by carrying a small trash bag to pick up any litter they may see.  It only takes a few minutes and helps the environment.

Frank, our owner, usually places one of his MSTB Tokens in the caches he finds.  If you discover one, feel free to keep it or pass it along to another cache.  They are not trackable, but he would love to know where you found it and any adventure you wish to share when discovering it.  Please leave him an E-Mail by clicking this link.

You can find out more about Geocaching by visiting the Geocaching Website (

Frank goes by the name of Worf634


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