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Technical Business Consulting

Every business is different.  By understanding how you work we make sure you are getting the most out of your computers and software.  Our cost effective solutions bring together the elements you require, configured to suit your needs.

MSTB Consulting assists businesses in taking full advantage of the products they have previously purchased and advises them on when it would be advantageous to upgrade to newer technologies.  We install equipment, configure software, and educate staff on new or previously purchased hardware and software.

Database integration, security, programming, and data mining are just some of the solutions MSTB has provided over the years with excellent customer satisfaction.

Computers we supply are backed up with a three year warranty.  You can rest assured that hardware supplied by MSTB Consulting will be of the highest quality.

Our services are available short or long term.  Whether you need assistance for one day, one month or one year.  You make the decision.

MSTB can also manage your MIS department for you.  Many companies have employees who are knowledgeable in computers but still need a highly qualified MIS Director to help make the right decisions regarding budget, and the technical direction the company should pursue.  MSTB has successfully provided companies the MIS directors to run the departments at the lowest possible cost.